Beauty of ‘Different’

by Devina Gunawan

Makeup is a powerful thing. It makes women feel beautiful. It gives them the confidence to walk out the door in the morning. To see other people. To shine brighter than they think they do without it.

And unfortunately, there are those who are allergic to makeup. And sadly, I am one of them.

But luckily, there are many ways to feel beautiful.

Have you ever thought that some the most beautiful people in the world are the ones who dare to wear what seem to be crazy dresses? The ones who have their hair braided in the most bizarre way possible? The ones who dress the way they want to, regardless what people say?

God, Thank YOU for the hippies.

So I have noticed a thing or two about being beautiful.

I have had moments when I had eye shadow on and walked out with confidence, feeling prettier. But the moment my partner commented, “You look different.” I smudged everything off my eyelids.

I felt embarrassed. Because it felt unnatural to me. It felt as if I was trying to be someone else.

But there were moments when I wore headbands or dresses that, I believed to be pretty even though the rest of the world said “nay”… and guess what.

I had people coming up to me telling me, “You are very beautiful.”


Now, I know that it probably wasn’t true. And maybe those men were just obsessed with headbands, just as much as I am.

But I never got that compliment with makeup. I got them mostly when I dress my way. When I don’t try to dress like everyone else, but me.

When I listen to my own voice, what I like, what I think is cool. Even when my family disapproves of my fashion taste.

But I realized that with my simplicity, on being myself, I stood out. I don’t have the eyebrows that everyone else does. I don’t have the dark smokey eyes everyone else does. I don’t have the new, in-season dresses that everyone else does.

I just have me. My plain, makeup free face, and my weird fashion sense.

But I stand out, and my difference makes me noticed. And it gives me the compliments I probably don’t deserve, but it means one thing:

I am beautiful.

My difference is beautiful.

My cousin loves gothic style. And she doesn’t care what people say or think about her. She will go out wearing clothes and makeup that the whole family disapproves of, but she attracts more attention than the prettiest girl we know can ever.

She is comfortable in her own skin, and she believes that she is beautiful just being herself. Despite the family telling her to wear girly dresses and less makeup, she doesn’t care.

And she glows. She glows in her difference and self confidence.

So much. That everyone who sees her believes in her beauty too.

So, believe in yourself. In your own styles. In your own beauty. Because you are the most beautiful when you are yourself. When you express yourself. When you are free.

There, you are beautiful already.

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