Rebellion is Us

by Devina Gunawan

The only thing that remains unchanged, is the fact that everything changes overtime. Changes are triggered by many things, such things like revolts.

“Do not talk about your woman problem out loud,” I would be reminded, by the older women in my family.

“You are already at the age when you should start worrying about finding a husband,” my grandma would tell my cousins, despite knowing that they are full blown career women in the making.

“Proper ladies do not do that! Proper ladies do this instead!” I would often hear thrown my way, a little too often due to my free spirited nature and rebellious attitude.

And the worst of all: “You need to follow the life rules set by the society. It is the best way.”

Really? We need to follow the preferred path of womanhood to be successful in life. Is that true?

Is it true that the only way to live a good life is to live by the codes of society? Do we have to behave a certain way, designed and desired by the society, to be regarded as a “proper lady” or even worse, “a woman”? Do we have to follow the social norms to be accepted? To be seen as “normal”?

Or can we be a little rebel and fight for our own lives?

Everyone is given two options: rebel against the world or rebel against yourself. The question is, which rebellious path will one choose? Will one choose herself or will she go for what the world wants?

This is the problem with rebellion, is that we are fighting against and for something. We need to see the enemy and we need to think of what we are fighting for.

Albert Camus would back me up, I believe, as long as he knows that I am revolting. That is absurd, and in our rebellion we can find happiness. We can have hope that something else, something different will be created to protect us.

“You can write a book about it, but it won’t change the world,” someone once told me when I told her about writing a book about being a woman in today’s society.

Chances are she was right, and I am just an idiot who believes that women have the rights to live their own lives without being chained to traditional expectations.

But I cannot help it, I cannot help that all my life I want to break the rules and run wild. It is an inner conflict, a battle within myself, and a combat that I hope to someday win.

It is not in my nature to sit still, to follow the rules, and to obey. It simply is someone else’s system, and it does not belong to me. But what if no system is perfect obedience?

And to be honest, I believe that evolution is a rebellion. The fact that things change and not remain the same is in a way, a rebellion. And if nature can rebel, why can’t we?

One cannot preserve traditions forever. At some point, traditions will shift and evolve. That is a form of rebellion.

The system is ever changing. One day women were not given access to school, another day women finally won their ways to education. That is a revolt.

So rebellion is everywhere. It is in our system. It is the world. We are creatures that evolve, we are the birth of evolution. We do not have to look so far. We do not have to seek for something to fight for.

We have the same options, whether to fight against the world or ourselves. But one thing that people neglect, is that whichever option one takes, one rebels. Mutiny is an uprising against authority. Changes keep the world going; changes are the force that rotates the globe. To me, changes are a powerful force that many people ‘rebel’ against.

Thus, it is so simple, that we are mutiny in flesh and blood.

So why is it so bad that women today are different? Why is it such a horrible thing that some of us want career instead of the traditional housewife track with children and no formal employment. Why is it such a difficult thing for women to have paid the same amount in the workforce as men?

Why are they rejecting rebellion when it is the very force in our growth and development? Why do people rebel against rebellion?

Rebel against the world, or rebel against yourself. And if I were asked, I would state the obvious and reaffirm my standpoint that I am a rebellion. And I will let myself be, instead of fighting off my nature.

It is okay to start a mutiny, to speak our minds out, to fight for the rights women should have, the places women would one day own without shame. Aren’t women the symbol of revolt, aren’t we the children of it?

When caged for too long, a bird can grow comfortable in the cage or grow restless and try to escape. Whether one loves the societal system or not, one needs to at least learn getting used to rebellions. Whether one is the one revolting for changes or the one resisting the inevitable, constant factor that changes are, she is rebelling.

So we have the options, we decide which way to go. Either way, we will rebel.

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