Things I Learned from Cinderella

by Devina Gunawan

Lessons learned from the Cinderella movie that I got:

1. Thick makeup can’t beat cinders on your face. Inner beauty shines brighter than thick powder and lipsticks.


2. Animals are smarter than you think. Don’t underestimate the mice.

3. A gentleman will come to your house himself. He won’t just send other people to pick you up; he will pick you up himself.

4. Fencing is for the royals. Gentlemen, en guard!

5. One can run around the palace in high heels, into a carriage, and drive far away enough from guards before magic wears off under two minutes. Must be all those flights to and from the attic.

6. Fairy godmothers make the best designers.

7. Glass slippers are very comfortable…for the mice to sleep in.

8. Blue is going to be the trend for the next few weeks.

9. Parents say magic words before they leave. “Have courage and be kind,” for Cinderella. “You must marry for love… Be cheerful, Kit,” for Kit.

10. Always have a spare key when you have an evil stepmother.

11. There is no Bruno! Where is Bruno? I love that dog!

12. We won’t find a prince if we run off to a forest. Chances are, we will find ourselves lost and maybe dead in the morning.

13. Also, saving an animal from a group of hunters won’t do you any good in real life…

14. When you’re in love, you won’t be able to stop smiling. Even when the girl you’ve been obsessed with just ran off and you’re chasing after her.

15. Memories are yours to keep, and be grateful they happened. Because if Ella wasn’t remembering Kit and singing, nobody would have heard her!

16. A wand in the hand of Helena Bonham Carter can be anything. It can be Avada Kedavra or Bibbidi bobbidi boo! It’s totally up to her.

17. An angry woman is capable of anything. Lady Tremaine lost two husbands and is stuck with two “beautiful, stupid daughters.” She has the right to be angry and take it all on the only nice person in the house.

18. If a guy really likes you, he will find ways to find you. Even when he doesn’t know your name.

19. Also, he will quote you. Like, a lot. Like what Kit said to his father: “Just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done,” then “We must simply have courage and be kind enough to see it.”


20. One cannot beat goodness. Not even when you have sharp cheekbones and perfect figure that Cate Blanchett does.

21. Believe in everything. Believe in goodness, kindness, and magic. And you’ll be happy.

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