Insurgent: Pandora Box

by Devina Gunawan

So I saw Insurgent and I have two words to describe it,well, in my own ways: Keiynan Lonsdale.

The review can go down to this: He needed more screen time… Well,I needed him to have more screen time.

Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley was fantastic. Her guilt, fear,pain… everything was tangible. She earned the stardom. That girl made me fear for my own heart in the course of two hours.

So we started the movie with Tris getting a haircut and then showing it off to her boyfriend. She wanted something different.

Then, we get the clearer picture that the runaways (Tris,Four, Peter, Caleb, and Marcus) were hiding with the Amity. I honestly thought it was a vegetarian retreat or something like that. Everyone was happy and loving…

Until we had the chance to see Tris and Peter sitting at the same table. A bloody fight later, Johanna, the leader of Amity, had to tell the group – sans Marcus—that in order to stay with Amity, they had to behave and stay away from violence.

And perfect timing, Eric and the other brainwashed Dauntless arrived to get to the Amity land and test everyone to see if they could find a Divergent. Why? Because Jeanine had found a mystery box in the Prior’s place and she needed a Divergent to crack it open. The box contained the secret that would be the future of their society. Thus, she sent off her army to find every Divergent for testing.

Back to Amity land… Tris, Four, Peter, and Caleb were hiding from Eric. Johanna told them to stay quiet in her office, but we know that it wouldn’t hold for long. The moment Four told Peter that they needed to split up, Peter started calling out to Eric and informing him where the other three were.

Running for their lives.

Really well too. It was amazing how fast they could run.

Have I mentioned how toned Shailene is? I personally think that she’s gotten too skinny, but she is still very beautiful and strong. That haircut too, my, that works for her.

The three jumped onto a train and out of sight. Unfortunately, the Factionless owned the train, and they started fighting because Tris had to punch people in the faces now. She was struggling so hard to forgive herself, she took it onto other people around her.

During this fight, we watched Caleb transform from a helpless kid to a fighter, for a minute. Then, he slipped back into old Caleb. And before they all died, crushed by the Factionless, Four said two magic words that save them: Tobias Eaton.

Turns out, Evelyn Eaton was still alive and leading the Factionless. She faked her own death to get away from her abusive husband, left her six year old son, and joined the Factionless. The fact that she had left a child to grow up without a mother and under the care of an abusive father makes her the ultimate evil.

But who cares? She started reaching out to Four a year ago and that’s all that matters, right?

And, Naomi Watts, how is it that you age like a Vampire?

Tris, Four, and Caleb stayed with the Factionless for a night. A night because Tris and Four were set to find the rest of the Dauntless in the morning. Caleb, on the other hand, decided to stay.

The rest of the Dauntless were with the Candor. And that’s amazing, because I think the Candor are my favorite so far. Christina and Tris were happily reunited. Of course, with the awkward pause from Tris the moment Christina asked her about Will. The happy reunion didn’t last long, however, since the head of Candor decided to send Tris and Four to the Council.

Council means evil Jeanine.

So the smart Four convinced the leader to use the truth serum on him and Tris so that he would know for sure that they were innocent. This ended up horribly. For Four, he just had to admit that he loves Tris. For Tris, however, she had to confess to killing Will.

Bye bye BFF Christina.

So about evil Jeanine. She’s had several Divergent dead trying to open the mystery box. So she realized that she didn’t need just any random Divergent. There were stronger Divergent, and she needed to find them.

Later that day, Tris was chilling on the roof when a drop-dead-gorgeous friend joined her.

Uriah, is it? Hello Uriah. Why weren’t you in the first movie?

Then, before I could get enough of Uriah, the evil Erudite-Dauntless army attacked Candor. They shot everyone with, not a bullet, but simulation serum. Everyone fell into deep sleep. Except for Tris, and my new dream man Uriah because they were Divergent (Yes! I knew he was a special one!).

Eric found them and started scanning them, along with the other Divergent they had found. This time, they got an upgraded scanner. One that would tell you how many percent a Divergent is someone. After finding out that the first guy he scanned was only 10% Divergent, Eric shot him dead. Then he moved onto a little girl, sadly only a 40%. Before he could kill her, Tris got up, ran into him, knocking him down.

He couldn’t kill Tris, luckily, because she hadn’t been scanned. And lucky that he hadn’t killed her, because she was tested 100% Divergent.

Four and the Dauntless came in and rescued Tris. Four shot Eric, thank God, because Jai Courtney is a really good actor. So good that I wanted him dead 80% of the time he was on screen. And it’s happened, y’all! He’s dead.

Post mess: Candor realized that Jeanine was truly evil for attacking them. So they arranged a mashup with the Factionless. They would build an army to attack Erudite.

In Erudite, Jeanine met Peter. Peter met Jeanine. The bastard was out to “a position” in Erudite with chances of promotions. In exchange, he gave Jeanine the inside of Tris’ head.

“You can take a girl out of Abnegation, but you can’t take the Abnegation out of her.”

With the simulation serum, Jeanine controlled people to commit suicide, building up deaths until Tris decided to turn herself in. Her first one was of course, a group of girls including Christina… and despite Tris saving Christina on time, one girl died, and that was enough to send Tris on her way to Erudite….

After a good time with Four, that is.

She left in the middle of the night and went straight to Erudite.

There, she was greeted by Peter who led her to the mystery box room. Our badass Tris then took care of Peter by making sure that his nose bled properly and threatened Jeanine that she would commit suicide since Jeanine needed her alive.

Then, surprise-surprise, Caleb walked in. Shocked, Tris decided to just go with the opening up Pandora box trial and showed off that 100% Divergent advantage.

She’s incredible. Shailene Woodley, with a stunt double or not, is incredible. Maggie Q should have had her fair share of Nikita-glory too; but sadly this is a Shailene’s movie, not Nikita.

So Tris passed the Dauntless test, Candor test, Abnegation and Erudite. However, she was worn out and needed rest. So Jeanine let Tris rest for the last test: Amity.

Peter was touched, watching Tris’ simulation test and seeing her let him live instead of shooting him. I’d grab her gun and shoot Peter if I were there… just saying. It was just simulation, but Peter knew that Tris still valued him as a friend.

Meanwhile in Factionless Land, Four woke up to no Tris and stormed out. A genius, he walked straight into Erudite and got locked up.

Tris and Caleb had a heart to heart talk, in which Caleb revealed himself to be the worst brother in the world. Then, Peter dragged Tris out, showed her the locked up Four, then injected her with a mysterious something as she started screaming and kicking. Honestly… It isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Back in the mystery Pandora, Tris was tested for Amity. In which, she failed and died. That isn’t a surprise to anyone. We had witnessed Tris struggle throughout the whole movie. She hated herself. There’s no way you could get peace and love out of someone like that. So, she died.

Lesson learned, kids. If you’re not kind and loving, you’re as good as you are dead. Learn how to forgive and to love yourself. And others.

Jeanine was frustrated, and heartbroken that Tris died without having opened the mystery box.

Peter took Tris out and to Four, showing him that his beloved girlfriend was dead. Then, when Four attacked Peter, Tris woke up, and the Peter scheme was revealed. He had decided to save Tris, and manipulated the last test.

And Tris wanted to save the box, because her mother had died saving it. So after ordering Peter to hack into the system to let them get the box, Four and Tris sneaked in to get the box.

Tris then decided that she wanted to try opening the box.

I don’t understand why anyone listens to her anymore at this point.

Anyways, she tested for Amity and she succeeded. Woohoo! Sorry I ever doubted you, Tris.

So the box’s message was nothing Jeanine had ever expected. The message was to tell the society that they were an experiment to keep humanity intact. Their goal was Divergent. That, if the box was opened, that meant there was a Divergent, the solution to everything, and that they’re given the permission to cross the city walls. They were now able to join the rest of the world past the walls.

Jeanine wanted the box buried. She wanted power, and she couldn’t have it if the society was gone.

But perfect timing for Evelyn Eaton. She marched in with her army, after having everyone take out simulation serum out of their bodies, and captured Erudite.

Peter, on the other hand, was enjoying his little, mini victory. He might have chosen Dauntless, but he’s actually the smartest character in this movie. His survival skills are second to none.

So, we get to see the rest of the society rejoice and start marching towards the walls. Everyone was happy. Tris was happy to be Divergent. Four got his lady back, alive. And Evelyn killed Jeanine.

Such a happy ending… and I believe that I will not be watching Allegiant. Part 1, 2, or 3 if that ever exists.

I have not read the books, and I am not planning to, because I know the ending will break my heart. And if the movies will follow the books, regardless happy end or not, then I will not watch Allegiant.

I have grown fond of Beatrice Prior during the two hours of Insurgent.

So I’d give the movie seven out of ten. And no, I didn’t let Keiynan Lonsdale’s gorgeous face cloud my judgment.

Theo James is a pretty face, but I am more impressed with Miles Teller. There’s almost no way that I can hate Four. He’s the Jake Ryan, and I was almost jealous of Tris for having him hold her so tightly every night. I would want my personal Four, please.

But Miles Teller. I could dream of shooting him in a scene, and hugging him in the next. I can hate Peter so much, and love him too. Maybe somewhere in between. I can’t decide! He’s that good!

And then there’s Shailene Woodley. And I have no words to describe how impressed I am with … her muscles and her acting skills.

At last. Keiynan Lonsdale. Enough said.

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