Carrie Brat-shaw: The Bad Side

by Devina Gunawan

Oh, Sex and the City. The beautiful New York City. The glamour, the fabulous, the life of my dreams.

And there, standing to represent NYC in its glory, is Carrie Bradshaw.

I have loved this show and it’s almost as if the toxic of SATC is running through my veins. Seriously, this show is every girl’s nightmare. But I cannot get enough of it.

However, no matter how intoxicating the show is to me, I find it very much difficult to like Carrie. Several episodes are unbearable, and I cannot believe I have to just list them down here:

1. That episode when she tracks down Big’s ex wife to choke her with a “sincere” apology.

2. That episode when she lashes out on Charlotte for not offering her help on money department. She pays no mind that Charlotte is struggling herself or the fact that she has enough money in her closet. Sell the damn shoes!

3. That episode when she gives in and starts the affair with Big. I mean, PLEASE, you have a perfect man at home!

4. That episode when she forces all her friends to celebrate Charlotte’s birthday, ignoring the fact that Miranda has a baby or that Samantha has plans with Richard.

5. That episode when she wears her engagement ring around her neck instead of her finger, and goes out clubbing while her fiance Aidan stays at home.

6. That episode when she keeps on calling Miranda when Miranda has no sleep thanks to her baby and shows no real understanding whatsoever.

7. That episode when she dismisses her friends’ problems to talk about her love life… oh wait, that’s basically the whole series!

8. That episode when she invites Big over to Aidan’s cabin. Oh my gosh, why would anyone in her right mind do that?

9. That episode when the whole episode is about one of Aidan’s exes’ “face” while referring to Carrie’s and Aidan’s past relationship. Excuse me, but there are real problems out there.

10. That episode when she stomps her foot at her friends commenting on how bad it is for her to hang out with Big. I get it, judging others is bad. But that’s basically what Carrie does all the time and she simply cannot let others do the same to her, even when they only show concerns.

And the list can go on.

But Carrie is not the best role model on TV. She is self centered and she cannot stop obsessing over unimportant matters and making them bigger than they actually are.

Carrie is not the most thoughtful. She spends carelessly, runs back and forth to a horrible ex throughout the series, and she puts herself high up on a pedestal. She simply does not think far ahead, and she lives in the moment. That part of Carrie I actually feel for.

But at times I would like to throw my shoes at my TV when Carrie starts talking.

Her friends are a lot of things she is not, and they are great. Charlotte is known as the prude, but she at least holds onto principles and beliefs when Carrie is lost, more or less.

Samantha might be too out there, but she does not judge her friends harshly. She listens and supports, and Carrie mostly judges.

Miranda doesn’t need a man to define her. She struggles, yes, but she is so independent that she alone can put Carrie to shame.

And Carrie is a lucky girl. She’s got a wonderful life and wonderful friends. But for some reason, she is becoming less and less likable to me.

I don’t know how I started to fall in love with her in the first place, because I know I did, many years ago.

Now, I just see more of Carrie that I never did before. And every episode I re-watch, is a brand new realization that Carrie is definitely not my favorite character on Sex and the City.

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