How “Avengers: Age of Ultron” went

by Devina Gunawan

Okay, so I love superheroes. Like, LOVE them.

Sketch Aquaman or Catwoman when I am bored, and that is how much I love superheroes.

So my feelings regarding the Avengers: Age of Ultron for the past few months can be described in one word: overwhelming.

However, the movie didn’t live up to my expectations. Blame the many months of waiting and going crazy over the heroes, but Age of Ultron didn’t impress me as well as I wanted it to.

So we started the movie with the Avengers in Sokovia, trying to retrieve Loki’s scepter. It was already confusing when the movie started, and so much was already going on.

I saw the movie twice, the first time with my parents and the second with my best guy friend. Both parties were confused, and that included me.

During this fight, we were introduced to the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and honestly, I would much prefer the Flash. Oh, DC and Marvel, get together and start creating characters that don’t clash, will ya?

Then we moved to the part when Tony Stark took the scepter and decided to decipher it with Banner, in order to have the “peace of our time.” We just knew things would go horribly, horribly wrong.

Let’s cut it short.

So the scepter and its gem turned out be an artificial intelligence that was able to develop, like human evolution. It ruined J.A.R.V.I.S, took over Ultron, and then destroyed the Stark’s after party, which was not that fun to begin with. It left and angered the Avengers, who immediately blamed Tony for trying to install the artificial intelligence into Ultron and unfortunately succeeding in doing so.

The new Ultron then joined forces with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, whereas the Avengers tried to clean up after the mess and figure out what they would do to get back what they had lost.

Ultron then decided to go for the vibranium, which Ultron commented upon: “Humans discovered the strongest metal and decided to create a Frisbee.” Ahaha, oh Captain America, you should be humored.

The Avengers stopped him, but they were beaten up by visions that the Scarlet Witch gave them. They were faced by their biggest fears and traumas, and they were shaken by the time the battle ended.

Hawkeye took them to his house to meet his family and well, showed the human side of him. Nick Fury joined them later on, and then Banner figured out what Ultron was up to: transform, create a human body for himself with the help of Dr. Helen Cho.

I don’t understand how he could just guess Ultron’s plan correctly and so easily. Man, does Hulk have a third eye?

So Ultron and Dr. Cho created a human body, and Ultron started transferring his data into this body. The Scarlet Witch read his mind and realized that she had chosen the wrong ally. So she and Quicksilver called it quits.

The next battle was of the Avengers trying to get the body before Ultron could transform. They succeeded, but in exchange, Ultron took the Black Widow.

Afterwards, Tony installed J.A.R.V.I.S into the body instead and then… Vision was born.

The rest of the movie was as predicted. Ultron planned to destroy the world after building an army of himself and inviting just the group of superheroes who could stop him.

Quicksilver died while saving Hawkeye who was protecting a little boy, the Scarlet Witch embraced her powers to fight for good cause and she ended up killing Ultron, and in the end, the very last bit piece of Ultron was destroyed by Vision.

So it was pretty much what happened during the movie.


Apart from that plotline, here are some other things that happened (the good, and the bad):

  • Romanoff and Hulk: apparently, she really liked him. It was a bit awkward watching the two flirt and try to work out a romance, but apparently that was going on. Strange, but if the crowd bought it, well, why not? In the end though, Hulk decided to ditch Romanoff and stay out of the radar. And this I say in the nicest way possible… I felt nothing.
  • Ultron: what a horrible villain. He talked too much, felt a bit too much too, and had no idea how to think logically or act rationally. He was like a five year old stuck in a body of a cool looking metal.
  • Veronica… which was created for the cool scenes? I loved the Iron Man – Veronica mashed up version fighting against the Hulk. It was awesome, but I had to ask in the end: was it necessary? I’d rather go back to the plot instead of spending so much time going off track and wondering if that had any great importance to the story line.
  • Vision is probably one of my new favorite characters. However, he had little time on screen, and he really did not seem that important at all. For one created with one of the greatest powers in the universe, he really did not seem all that important.
  • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch won over me, for some unknown reasons. I have always liked Quicksilver, although not this Avengers version, and I loved how funny he was in this movie. The Scarlet Witch was, creepy, but I barely knew her enough to feel her pain when Quicksilver died.

So much was going on, and a lot of the times, it just seemed out of order. It was not the most organized, carefully written movie, in my opinion.

The story tried to cover just about everything and everyone’s backstory that I lost the attachment to the characters. I started detaching myself after Thor went to learn more about his vision.

Things were all over the place, and unfortunately, very messy.

Even from the very beginning of the movie, it was difficult to follow. Imagine the whole movie, altogether.

I also saw the movie in 3D, for the second time it was, with my friend. And it was wicked awesome. I went oohs and aahs over the action scenes. I had always been such a dork when it came to action packed movies.

However, the plotline lost me. The character’s stories lost me. And other than the fights, which were the only ones that succeeded in entertaining me, everything else fell short and I found myself unimpressed.

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