My Monthly Visit AKA my Period

By Daniella Djiogan

My monthly visit is like an exam

You know it’s coming, but you secretly wish it would be cancelled or postponed.

It comes anyways, unless you drop out before it does.

Which isn’t the wisest choice when you are not ready for the real world.

It visits, and during that time you feel like hell.

You study you butts off,

Day in, day out.

Your eyes are red and sore,

You are tired, sleepy,  and deprived from all pleasures for five days.

You hate it, but you must persevere.

 Then, you see those commercials

The ones that claim studying is fun!

Commercials created by smart people

“Those goody-two shoes smart-asses”

You repeat to yourself as you woolly in your agony.

After the five days are up, you are free!

You have survived.

Your test is over!

You don’t care if you have passed or not.

All that matters is that you are done.

All is well from there-on till the next test the following month.

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