iZombie Review: Cute, Fun, Undead

IZombie has been running for awhile now, and we are already onto the eight episode. And I honestly have been hooked from the first episode.

It was one of the guilty pleasures, just like Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Now to think about it, most of my guilty pleasures are on the CW. I am not sure why. And for those who know why, I hope you will drop me a message to tell me what the hell it is that screams ‘guilty pleasure’ about the CW shows.

So iZombie.

The trailer was repeated about a billion times over during commercial breaks, and I could not help but get excited about this new show. Honestly, the whole zombie thing I didn’t really get, because I had the Walking Dead for that. But I have always been a fan of Rose McIver, so when I spotted her as a zombie I thought, “Hell yeah!”

So Liv Moore, a perfectionist with a gorgeous fiance, went to a boat party and got scratched by a zombie. She woke up in a body bag in transition, and we jumped forward six months after the incident to a very pale, albino Liv Moore.

Of course, by now she already quit her job as a doctor and became an assistant to a medical examiner, Ravi, in order to get access to brains. She had to feed obviously.

She broke off her engagement to Major, the Ken-barbie-doll like social worker. She alienated everyone she loved and submitted to the sad, gloomy life of a zombie.

Of course, when she consumed someone’s brains, she got visions and knowledge of that person. Considering where she worked, she became a very good help to Detective Clive, who believed that Liv was psychic.

The show is surprisingly, bloody brilliant. I have to say that from watching so many shows on TV, that which is my life, I have grown bored with TV series and I can almost just ditch them anytime. It’s lost its magic on me I guess.

But iZombie is refreshing. It is funny and so adorable. I love the characters. It is easy to relate to Liv, to understand her pain and her conflicts. Rose McIver has this charm and it is impossible not to like her.

Ravi, her boss, is the heart of this show for me. He is hilarious and very naive. How adorable is it that he already knew Liv’s secret and is totally cool with her? He is the non judgmental, friendly, nerdy guy with a good sense of humor. In real life, I would totally date him.

The other characters are very much real too. And it’s just so natural that I keep on asking, “What if there is a zombie living among us? Just like Liv.”

So I am in love with this show. It is beyond obvious that I am, because I start sketching a TV show’s characters when I am in love with it.

IMG_20150423_041244 IMG_20150425_015450

For now, iZombie is love. It is my favorite source of entertainment, and I am looking forward for more.

The eight episode is coming up, and supposedly we get more of Liv and Lowell! Go zombies!

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