My Nemesis AKA Frenemy (Only women can be friends and enemies at the same time)

By Daniella Djiogan

Jealousy isn’t the answer, but it’s hard to avoid.

It’s always there, hidden in the midst of your goodness,

In every smile, and hug

You know it’s there because when she walks away,

It immediately turns to a frown.

You occasionally curse (in your mind of course)

But then you start to wonder about yourself.

When did it start?

Since when did you start harboring such feeling of hatred?

Was it because of that guy you both liked?

Or that job?

Or her supposedly better life?

Or that extra something you lack?

Regardless, she’s your friend

You chose to be her friend

It wasn’t an obligation

If you hate her, break up your friendship

It’s not worth having a fake relationship.

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