One in a Million

by Devina Gunawan

Today I can stay in my pjamas, grab my bag, and walk into the mall…I mean, the hell of judgment.

It must be a paradise to watch everyone dress so well. And for my case, I usually speak in another language, one in which most people in the building do not speak, when they start judging my glorious pjamas outfit. To avoid feeling horrible over the harsh judgment.

But why judge me? Why wouldn’t anyone judge herself? I mean, wherever I go nowadays, I see the clones of celebrities in the forms of civilians. They are dressed and polished the way their idols on TV are.

I went to a mall the other day and saw many girls running around in high heels, cocktail dresses, and well done hairdo. It was as if I was in a fashion show, in which I was the guest, in an awe of how beautiful everyone was.

Unfortunately, however, I was judged. Because I did not look like everyone else.

Why is it that people find confidence in looking like someone else? It is like when they look in the mirror, go, “Oh yes, this is very Beyonce,” that they have the courage to go out.

I wonder why they can walk so confidently. Is it because they’re in someone else’s skin?

Because to be honest, what happens when they are just themselves? When they are not fully made up and wear an outfit that they are comfortable wearing, not the one they wear for compliments? Will they be just as confident?

I know for a fact that a lot of my closest friends will not leave the house if they have not had their makeup done perfectly. Or if they haven’t picked out the right outfit.

Now, whose standard is that? Is it their own standard, set up by themselves to match what is acceptable and not? Or is it the standard silently imposed that we just have to follow to survive the social world?

Because isn’t it tragic? The world looks more and more alike. Everyone starts doing their eyebrows the same way, their hair the same way, and their outfits uniform.

Honestly, what’s the fun in that? Do we all like looking just like everyone else? Is it preferable to be one with the world in a way that we all look alike?

I dare you to be yourself. To not worry about what others might say if you look different. To dress in such a way that when you look in the mirror you know immediately that it is you. That it isn’t anyone else. Famous or not.

Because it’s much easier to be beautiful when you are yourself. Especially these days. When one is different, one is noticed. And apparently, with the army of clones walking around, it will be much easier for you to find yourself.

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