Original Boyfriends

by Devina Gunawan

The Originals is hands down one of the coolest shows on TV. The story is sick, the twists are out of the world, and the actors are drop dead gorgeous. Speaking of boyfriends… I know some of my girlfriends and I would fantasize about dating the boys. And of course, why wouldn’t we?

So here I bring you the list of our Original boyfriends:

1. Elijah Mikaelson


Elijah, Elijah, Elijah. What can he not do? And he does it so well in a suit. Elijah is loyal, trustworthy, and noble. He has been described as the “noble” one in his family. Imagine dating someone like Elijah! You will never have to worry about anything. He will never hurt you. Just try your best to be good, because if you remember in Vampire Diaries, Elijah left Katherine after finding out she killed Jeremy (oops!).

2. Marcellus Gerard


Marcel, the adopted son of Niklaus, is seriously the hottest thing in the show. He’s got it all. He’s got the charisma, the looks, and an army of vampires protecting him. He is the ultimate protector. He protects his friends fiercely, he protects his beloved-adopted-daughter Davina, and he is generous in helping others. His great love, Rebekah, is the luckiest woman alive. He will wait for her, and he loves her unconditionally. Now, want your own personal Marcel?

3. Aiden L.


My pretty, pretty Aiden! He is so beautiful that nobody could ever blame Josh for going crazy for this guy. Aiden is a sweetheart, a little bit confused, yes, but a wonderful boyfriend. He will accept you no matter what (even if you’re a vampire and he’s a werewolf). He will leave his people to live with you. And he will make sure you’re safe from anything or anyone, even himself. So screw you, Dahlia! Screw you for killing Aiden!

4. Jackson Kenner


Jackson’s got a lot of hair. And he’s a beautiful man. He is dedicated and when he loves you, you will be his world. He will accept your flaws and see your problems as his. Point is, you will always feel safe and protected and loved if you are Jackson’s woman.

5. Niklaus Mikaelson


Here comes the big, bad wolf! If you’re into a 1000 year old hybrid who loves painting and planning his legacy, then you have found the one. Klaus is a genius, and he understands mankind in ways that others can’t. He is not the best boyfriend material, since his true love is himself, but if he loves you he will protect you from any harm. And even though you don’t see him often, you will still feel safe.

6. Kol Mikaelson


Kol Mikaelson… in his own body he looks just like Elijah… and in his witch human body form, the one he is trapped in, he looks like a dream. It’s a win-win either way, and Davina is the luckiest witch in town. He will always remind you that you’re the prettiest, and trust me, that will go a long way. He also has so much mystery with him that you can’t help but want to know more and more about him every time.

So there’s the list. There goes our dreams. And finally, after work I can get to watch the new episode of the Originals! Whoohoo!

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