Tequila, anyone?

by Devina Gunawan

On one condition, that you actually read the history and appreciate the story behind Cinco de Mayo. Ahah!

I have been reading some articles that broke my heart. In ways that remind me that I do exactly what I should never: I go ahead to, “Oh party!” the moment I hear, “It’s Cinco de Mayo!”

And it’s not the best response to something so special. Not the best response from me or anybody.

Unfortunately though, that is my response to just about every holiday. I fail to see the importance of the history behind every holiday. To me, it’s just a day off from work and a reason to celebrate.

In my defense, however, we party post war. Celebrate the fact that we have not been defeated. That we are still alive.

If I were a soldier during the Battle of Puebla, and I came out alive. I would definitely celebrate.

But I guess, to honor the day we might want to:


Take some time to learn about the history. Appreciate it.

And perhaps, spend your money on the foods more than the drinks. Or even better, cook some!

I have gone over several sites to look at recipes. Yum. While cooking we can reflect upon the importance of the war. How it must have served the people so much joy.

So I spent some time hanging out on FoodNetwork: http://www.foodnetwork.com/topics/cinco-de-mayo.html

And perhaps you should too. Cook some wonderful meals and invite people over. Not to party, but to celebrate in an intimacy setting. To appreciate. To send a prayer. And to be grateful.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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