Summer Dresses are Back!

by Devina Gunawan

We are all thinking about it! Summer dresses are coming back!

Or perhaps it’s just me. I have a thing for summer dresses.

But let’s review what’s good about summer. It’s the combination of a nice skater dress, maybe wear it with a belt, put on some sandals, and a pretty hat. Oh, and the best part: sunglasses!

I am so excited about summer dresses. It’s one of the best things in fashion. I mean, I will miss winter coats and scarves. It’s always nice to look so poise. Because winter turns a lot of people into sophisticated professionals. Even the hippies.

But summer melts all those layers and bring out the colors.


Freedom! Hello summer dresses! I’ve missed you so much!

And here are some beauties to refresh your memory! And to get you ready for what’s to come! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready!





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