How to be a Feminist 101

By Daniella Djiogan

1.     Be confident in yourself, you are not below anyone.

2.     Don’t be bullied or be the bully, stand up for yourself.

3.     Don’t gossip behind people’s back…that’s not cool!

4.     Stand up for what you believe in.

5.     Keep up with your studies; it’s going to be helpful to you in the future.

6.     Respect your elders and others, so that you will be respected.

7.     Respect yourself!

8.     You will eventually have that first crush or may be you already had; don’t fall too deeply, once you’re in, Game Over!

9.     Be gentle towards others

10.   Be grateful for what you have.

11.    Help others in need; many women are still suppressed in today’s society, many children are dying of hunger…your little act may help others.

12.    Become a pen pal…and learn about others’ cultures and background, that will open your eyes.

13.      Be kind to others

14.      Be an example to others

15.      Believe in yourself

16.      Be of help in your community.

17.      Keep calm, and don’t lose your cool

18.      There can only be one you, so cherish yourself

19.      Love yourself, so that you can be able to love others

20.      Compliment others, but don’t lie

21.      Be a woman with beauty and brains; Beauty doesn’t necessarily mean external, but internal as well.

22.      You don’t have to walk around with a sign saying “Feminist”, let your actions speak for you.

23.      Love everyone regardless of sex.

24.      Let your voice be known.

25.      Be a woman that’s respected, not degraded.

26.      You don’t have to strive for superiority over a sex, but equality for all.

27.      Submission shouldn’t be your middle name, but respect should be your last name.

28.      You don’t have to forgo your responsibilities as a woman; there have been great feminist who have also been dutiful to their families and to society.

29.      Always remember, you are someone’s grandmother, mother, wife, sister, niece, aunt, etc. So your actions can go a long way.

30.       If you follow these steps, you wouldn’t be a FEMINIST, but a better person.


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