My TV My Closet

by Devina Gunawan

TV shows are the ultimate fashion catalog. They have characters whose outfits you’d kill to someday wear.

I think I’ve once mentioned how my hair morning routine was strictly “What would Blair Waldorf wear?” for a year. That woman introduced me to the beauty of headbands, and I have never gone back. I’m headbands all the way.

So instead of talking about the ten million reasons why I adore them, I will show you.

Carrie, Sex and the City.

wlbd1 wlbd2 wlbd3 wlbd4 wlbd5 wlbd6

Jane, Jane by the Design

wljd2 wljd3 wljd4


Mary, Reign

wlms1 wlms2 wlms3 wlms4 wlms5 wlms6

Aria, Pretty Little Liars

wlap1 wlap2 wlap3 wlap4 wlap5 wlap6

Blair, Gossip Girl

wlcb1 wlcb2 wlcb3 wlcb4 wlcb5 wlcb6

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