Up in the Air: Let Cupid Do His Work

by Devina Gunawan

What has happened to beautiful love stories? You know, those old times when old people would write long love letters that ended up lost in mail due to the stretched distance; those times when old people could dream of their loved ones all day long due to the nonexistence of skype. What has happened to those things?

I bet it has taken off now that our generation has learned taking love for granted better than yesterday. Have you heard of gold diggers? Yea, now we have more of those. Have you heard of heart breakers? Yea, now their new names are, forgive my flattery, some things that rhyme with mole and  witch. Have you heard of long distance relationship? Yea, now we have less of that, assumed they are almost as dead as the first flowers men give to their lovers.

Acknowledge the fact that old love seems to involve a bundle of thick, fat eros. I mean, really, a great deal of overwhelming eros. Personally I think it is because the old relationship tends to be either long distance or short term dating before marriage.

The butterfly feelings that you experience will not last long, and obviously are strong enough to keep you enchanted.

In great distance relationships, you will wonder what your mate is doing and where and whom with. Annoying, is it not? You start missing and dreaming of your mate. If you are lucky, you will not end up being obsessive like those maniac, jealous, possessed idiots who scare the hell out of their mates. And you wonder why trust is the base of a good relationship.

But you can guess how things go: eros kicks in harder than it should when you and your mate barely see each other.

What dominate your mind are still the physical features and sweet first moments you share. Live your fairytales while they last! That kind of love dies faster than you can say, “It’s over.”

But eros is admirable, don’t you think? It can draw people into what they never expect themselves to be in. You do awesome things in the name of eros, and you feel so much happiness that you do not mind if your mate turns out to be a serial killer. At least you can die in your mate’s arms. Speaking of romance and people who die gayly.

Beautiful, is it not? Rational individuals like me sneer at and laugh at the stupidity of eros. However, my heart longs for eros filled relationship.

It is simple and light. It is youthful and joyful. It is celebrated and heroic. It is sickening and short lived. It is stupid and irrational yet you adore it so. And it is out of the world because your mind is. Fairly speaking.

It is relationship at its best.

Now who wouldn’t want that?

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