“I Love you Mom”… Happy Mother’s Day

By Daniella Djiogan

She is strong, independent, loving, and caring.

She gives her everything in whatever she does.

She sacrifices a lot for our sake…her children.

She gives us that last piece of bread even when she’s hungry.

She stays up all night worrying about us when we’re sick.

She listens to our concerns and tolerates our mood swings.

She endures countless hours of excruciating pain to give birth to us.

She beats the heck of us for our wrong doings.

She takes sh*%t from others for our sake.

Everything feels so gloomy when she’s depressed.

We miss her like crazy when she’s not around.

Her only wish is to see us in good health and prosperous.

She’s always there for us.

Take a minute out of your life to say those three words to her which you can’t seem to tell your significant other…

“I love you, Mom!” Thank you for being there!

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