50% off the time of 70% of us.

by Devina Gunawan

How many hours per day are we usually out in public? Considering that we work 8 hours per day, plus and minus the socializing and getting from one place to another… I would say 12 hours.

That is how long the makeup will stay on a girl’s face. About, give or take.

So 12 hours out of 24, that’s about 50% of our time.

And research has shown that 70% women are dependent on makeup. They simply believe that they are not presentable enough without makeup.

And the 30%? Well, I do not know about you, but I have 100% time as a 30%.

I have 100% of my time not looking into the mirror or fixing my makeup every now and then. It is a good freedom, truly freeing and empowering. And I have no addiction or need to please anybody other than myself in the way I look.

Part of it is the fact that my skin is very sensitive and I’m allergic to many things. Which, in all truth, is sad.

But you know what I do to help myself?

I look in the mirror before I go to bed and right after I get up in the morning. And no matter how ugly I look at some points, because believe me, we all have those days… I always tell myself, “What a beautiful woman.”

And I repeat it every morning and night.

No, I am not narcissistic. I can safely say that because I am fully aware that I am not a “wow” factor. But I appreciate the fact that this is me, vulnerable and naked, without having to hide behind anything to feel enough.

And I think, at some point it will get tiring for all of us to always constantly check on our faces. “How does my hair look? My lips?” Because we know that makeup can only last for so long, for only 50% instead of 100%. We know that it is temporary, and that is why we are always rushing to the bathroom mirrors, fixing our faces every now and then.

So why don’t we love our 100%? It’s the sad, insecure security. We feel insecure with it, but that’s what we have. And maybe we can all try to love our 100%. It is the most beautiful.

Because there’s a beauty of love. That, which is that when you love something it will forever be beautiful. And well, to me 100% of my time is a good enough forever.

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