Best Workout Found on Youtube

by Devina Gunawan

At some point I had to look for something on Youtube. I got sick for some time and could not get up from bed for about two weeks.

Obviously, it was bye-bye yoga class or even pilates. So I had to go on Youtube and do what I could from home.

But what I found were so much better than I’d expected.

Okay. So I am not even sure why Miley Cyrus. But the workout was great. I did it everyday for about a week, and afterwards, even when I was not doing any workout, I could feel the effects. I am short but my legs feel longer. So I am very much happy with it.

Also, XHIT Daily has other videos that are just wonderful workout routines. I love the channel and am sticking around to get my ideal body.

I can tell you that I got leaner thighs from following the videos. And I am grateful.

Patrick knows how to burn calories. And I love his dance routine. Zumba has always been the more fun way to lose weight and to have fun. And I chose Patrick. I am not sure about the effects of Zumba, since I grew up a dancer and it just feels like a fun routine, but I always have fun.

Zumba is crazy fun, and whether I am losing weight or not, I will always have fun with this.

BeFIT hurts like hell. But it hurts so good you know you have done something right. I had about two days of pain after following a routine, and I believe I lost some weight just after one date with BeFIT.

No pain, no gain. At least, that is how I see it. I am still starting with BeFIT, so I will decide whether it is effective or not later.

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