Are you a fan or a HATER??? (Or do you not give a …)

By Daniella Djiogan

So, let’s get to it…Why do you actually hate Bieber Fever??? hehe!

  1. Is it the hair style, cause I totally understand. It looked better before but now it’s just weird.
  2. The fact that he makes more money than you??? I wish I had a quarter of what he makes…I’ll go retire in Africa nicely with that.
  3. His girly face? Lesbian look…. Is there such a look?
  4. The fact that his music is geared towards the female audience? Are you jealous he doesn’t sing for guys?
  5. Abandoning his monkey in Germany? Hahahaaaa…poor monkey!
  6. His song “baby” is so irritating and over-played? I totally agree with that.
  7. Someone paid lots of cash to change his face to look like him…that is just over the top weird…no further comment.
  8. He’s rude to his fans? He might have had a bad day…who knows!
  9. His fans are called beliebers??? I think that’s how you spell it…Oops!
  10. Some of his fans are crazyyy.. I don’t wanna get on their bad side.
  11. His perfume is called “girlfriend”? Hey guys, give this to your girlfriend, she might love you more…lol
  12. He’s a wanna be black..Hahaha..What’s wrong with that???

Why do people hate Bieber so much? I don’t follow the news so I don’t know or care. But if you’re that hater, why do you care to check up on him? Or listen to his song or news about him? WHY DO YOU CARE? I am not defending him for any of his actions (don’t get me wrong). I’m just asking why people are making a fuss about it. Whatever he does doesn’t affect my life in any ways. I mean if it affects yours, then I understand why you care/bash him. But otherwise, let him be Bieber. It’s because you guys care so much that he’s making more money than you…Oops (touchy subject, right?) Well, just go by your day. Hating doesn’t bring you anything but stress. Take up a hobby or actually care for something worthwhile.


Why do we care about celebrities’ lives??? I wonder….

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