The Beauty of Imperfection

by Devina Gunawan

Have you read about Eli Thompson? The baby who was born without a nose in March? The one they compared to Voldemort?

If you have, then you already know just how perfect he is.

He is the current global sweetheart. Everyone loves him. Everyone thinks he is adorable and beautiful and perfect.

Everyone sees past what is missing and loves him.

I sincerely believe that this should be how we see others. How we see ourselves. That we are beautiful no matter what.

Perhaps it’s much easier when it’s a baby we’re looking at. It’s easy since we see babies beautiful. It’s easy to love babies unconditionally.

But as we grow older and change, love starts setting standards.

Suddenly it’s, “If you don’t look this way I can’t be attracted to you or love you.” Suddenly we are no longer beautiful or perfect.

We are just flawed. And the flaws just got bigger and bigger.

So let this baby be a reminder of beauty and love. That this is how we should embrace beauty.

Beauty is in everything. It’s in every size and every color. It’s in a new dress and old coat. It’s in love.

And if it’s so easy for us to love this baby we don’t even know, it means it’s doable to love others we already know.

And that means, despite the imperfection, our loved ones are beautiful.

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