Why Important Dates should be celebrated ‘Single’

by Devina Gunawan

Linking something important to you to a love interest might not be the best idea. For instance, I was with a guy who was born on the very same day I was. I spent about a year seeing him and we were good friends, trust me.

Before anything weird happened to our friendship, we were in this group of friends in high school. And we were twins. Why? Because we were born on the very same day.

And it was a thing to call someone at midnight on his birthday back then, so we would call each other and talk while waiting for midnight to come.

It was really sweet and fun.

And well, we went our separate ways. As good friends, of course. And he is now happily going down the marriage road with one of our high school best friends. So that’s awesome.

But as I, now alone, am counting down to my next birthday, I can’t help but look at my phone and wonder, “Is that okay for me to call him now and talk until midnight arrives?”

I think now, more clearly, that when I had grown fond of the tradition of calling my ‘twin’ before midnight, he had moved on from our now forgotten habit.

And how many more of this have actually happened? I mean, counting the number of ex romantic relationships I have had that should be a lot. Linking a significant event to them, whatever seemed right at the moment, has crashed and burned.

Sadly now, while waiting for my birthday to be official, waiting for that darn clock to strike midnight, has become a reflection of my stupid decisions of ‘links’. And that is exactly the deadline I give myself to forget all my silly traditions with anyone who won’t matter for too long. Midnight.

Because even after one says “I do” at the altar, the story might come to an end in a messy divorce. Even if you link an important date to someone you marry, that might end up even more horribly remembered. Like, if I had linked my birthday to a man I married and then fell into a nightmare divorce with, then my birthday would be remembered along with bloody glory of the heartbreak.

Romantic interest simply can’t stay in your life forever. So celebrate important dates as singles. We were all born ‘singles’ and why not add a dash of attitude? Let’s just not share important dates with anyone. Like I know I won’t do anymore.

Especially when it comes to my birthday, because this visits me every single year.

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