Let Us Embrace Sexy

by Devina Gunawan


My mother and I were talking about what is considered sexy nowadays. And I have to voice out some disappointment.

For those who know me, you know that I suffered from anorexia athletica back in high school. And to defend other girls and guys who are under the spell of anorexia… yes, there are other reasons, apart from ‘to look good,’ that one is anorexic.

And let me just say one thing that I believe is the best way to be sexy.

Love yourself. Love yourself enough to eat healthily, exercise daily, and get enough rest.

Starving, overexercising, and depriving your bodies from rest are the many signs of how much you dislike yourself.

You know back in the days, before anorexia became a trend, we looked at women with curves with admiration?

How the expose of body fats would turn you on?

And why can’t we go back to appreciating that beauty? The beauty of imperfection. The beauty of loving oneself.

Because that is hot, and sexy. Why are the hottest women alive are not the thick figure barbie doll type?

Because they love themselves, and because they do, they take good care of themselves.

They are in love with themselves and they are proud of their bodies. They do not have to overeat, stop eating, overexercise, take pills, or anything but to love themselves and their bodies.

And that is beautiful. That is sexy. That is hot.

Whether you are genetically skinny or curvy, love yourself. And do not hurt yourself in any way just to be ‘beautiful.’

In the end, you are the only one worthy of your true love and care.

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