Hair Goals this Lifetime

Devina Gunawan

Braids are amazing. Braids are awesome.

I am saying this as an adult, but also as a little child, that braids are the best things one can do with hair.

And whenever I braid my hair I feel like I am wearing a crown. For real. It is just that intense.

So here are my hair goals this lifetime. Unfortunately, I cut my hair a little too short last year, and I am still paying for that mistake until now. So until my hair reaches the length needed for many types of braids, I am on a break.

But I cannot wait until I can have my braids back! And later on I will post my hair braids, just like these. Well, I will take them like challenges. I am going to braid my hair like these pictures and reach my lifetime hair goals.

br1 br2 br3 br4 br5 br6 br7' br8 br9 br10 br11 br12 br13

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