Gay Don’t Mean Inhuman (They too deserve Love and Respect)

    By Daniella Djiogan

I am gay

I prefer men instead of women

Is it that wrong?

I was born this way,

It wasn’t by choice.

In society, I am considered inhuman

People say I should be imprisoned

Others say I deserve death.

Am I that sinful?

Why the insult, the bully, the beatings?

Don’t I deserve to be treated as an equal?

Don’t I have the freedom to choose who I want to be?

Why do you care what I am anyways?

Have you cared for me when I needed someone?

Would you care if I was your son, brother, or a relative?

You criticize me, but are you without sin?

Stop being ignorant!                    Stop criticizing me!

I don’t care if you love me, but to the very least, RESPECT ME!

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