Seeking Happiness

by Devina Gunawan

Happiness in many people’s hearts is like a privilege, a reward.

It is almost as if everyone is programmed that to be happy, he or she needs to do something.

You will need to give up something in order to receive happiness.

You need to work hard to get good grades, and good grades make you happy.

Do they really?

You need to get good job with good salary that pays you well, and the good life that comes with it will make you happy.

Does it really?

You need to find the worthy partner who can take care of you, and that harmonious match makes you happy.

Does it?

And love, the one thing that is completely selfless. Everyone makes a huge deal about it too.

If you are loved, you should be happy.

But no.

You will ponder upon your own worth.

You will question, “Do I deserve this?”

Until you believe that you have loved the other person in return close to or just as much, you will struggle to be happy.

It is as if the world has created a system.

If you don’t do your homework, you will be punished.

If you can’t love someone back, you are doomed.

If you don’t get good grades, your future career will suffer.

If you can’t fit into the society, you will be miserable.

But really, are you truly happy with the program?

Is it how your happiness is measured? Is it how much it is worth?

Can’t you just close your eyes, sit back, and find happiness?

Does the happiness of existing, of living, of being able to create and do something–does it still exist?

Because I believe that happiness is not a trophy.

It is not the gold medal you get when you win first place in the piano competition.

It is not the A+ you get on your math test.

It is not the good looking heartthrob you bring home to your parents.

It is in you.

It is you.

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