The Pride without Joy

by Devina Gunawan

In the course of pride and dignity, one will fight the drops of his blood even when in the eyes of others he has lost them. Apparently, pride and dignity cover each eye so that he cannot see the loss. Well, perhaps holding on to them really is a necessity. Easy to say, stupidity needs them more than life itself. Comprehend that men make terrible use of their eyes, and instead of using them in the advantageous ways of observing the world, indulge them in embracing erotic, eye gorging views while building up immunity towards rationality.

Then the absence of each value is questionable, and can life ever be beautiful with dignity missing? Is there beauty in pride’s solo role? Oh, I hope for the sake of humanity and love that there is no trace of splendor in pride alone. For the love of ethics, please keep dignity close and pure. Let it balance the cruel nature of hierarchy.

For without dignity present, and with pride taking over, a man is in heavenly doom. Pride satisfies human, and gives a man false security more than a temporary Eros ever does. It protects a man from doing things he believes are lowly. It gives position instructions to any man, where he should stand and what he should do. It prevents a man from giving in and giving up, and it stops any love from blooming. This scene serves as one of the most devastating on TV screen—when a man lets his woman go in tears because he cannot admit his faults, or even worse, love—and ironically, most enjoyed scheme in the enthralling world called love relationship.  

A man can go on living when his lover walks out the door, unless suicidal attempts visit and his hopeless romantic side takes over; he will forget his love the moment another beauty steps in. Has anyone ever heard of “You are the only woman I ever love” statement and found it believable?

But a man without pride, how long can he survive after knowing that he has lost it?

His world will never be quite the same.

Living in the world intoxicated by pretenses and lies, a man can do no more than adapting and accepting the offered. The standards set have gone beyond measurement, and how high one should hold up his chin matters more than a pure, apologetic nod can ever serve.

Truly, the mankind has poisoned its population with the determination to stay superior. Aren’t we already the highest of all creations?

Apparently, when there is no other species to compare oneself to, a war in mankind begins. Satisfaction comes in knowing that one is better than the others. Call them animals, plants, or other men, as long as one thinks he is superior, he shall find the thirst quenching satisfaction.

Tragically, once a man falls into the dark trap of pride, he will start losing the others. In the comatose situation of his pride—where it is forever frozen and kept safely, of course—a man will give up anything in order to protect it. He will marry his pride since there is none who can appreciate it as much as he does. Sadly, a man blinded is almost as dead as a man in love.

Pride cheats on men in ways they cannot comprehend. It steals men’s learned humility, sincerity, and love.

How many times has a man forgotten how to truly embrace the goods when his pride is at stake? How many times has a man lost his sincere smile once his pride is scratched? How many times has a man hurt his love partner due to pride? Most of the time, countless times have stricken his love with rejection. Not a rejection for pride, but a rejection for the innocent love. After all, a man will do so much as to combat the world to reject pride.

All in all, the seducing pride is overwhelming and irresistible. Its beautiful twists take away men’s ability to say “Sorry,” “I love you,” and “You are right,” essentially granting men chagrin towards acceptance. The way pride allures men into thick layers of lies has never ceased to wonder the world. The concerns regarding men putting aside love for their undying devotion to pride are rising. It is not that sweet when a man chooses pride over a woman; except, of course, when the woman is ten times smarter and capable of destroying him worse than any level of pride can.

What is worst is pride’s jealousy in this unrequited relationship. Yes, it deserves to be called unrequited due to the love-hate relations: when man loves and worships pride, it destroys him; and destroying has never sounded very loving.

Apparently pride imprisons its lover. A prideful man will struggle in winning hearts, for who could love such a man so full of pride?

It captivates and alienates a man from the rest of the world. It charms him and shuts the world down.

For people who love intimate relationships, this is the kind that they should pursue. When the world belongs to only the two lovers, when nothing else matters, and when nothing can take one’s love away from the other.

So no wonder men can fight so fiercely a war in the name of pride. Even the last drops of blood will speak pride’s name. For a man with pride has nothing else to fight for but pride itself. And sadly, despite the lack of recognition, he is the most pitied in his own brainless battle.

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