What I think of when he asks, “what’s wrong?” and I’m looking outside the window…

by Devina Gunawan

1. Everything. I am mad at you! Mad! Don’t you understand I don’t want to talk? Until you say sorry I’ll keep on staring outside and not talking!

2. Check out that beefcake. Glorious. Ah! More of them coming!

3. Fat guy in shorts! My eyes burn! My eyes! Someone please get him out of here!

4. Did { } say I gained weight this morning? Darn. I have to get on the scale when I get home.

5. I need butter, eggs, milk… What else?

6. I just feel like ignoring you. You don’t treat me well enough. I’m a princess!

7. How long do I have to stay quiet and look outside before you come over to sit here and give me a hug?

8. That girl. That outfit. God. I would kill for those shoes.

9. That girl. That outfit. God. I would kill myself if I wore that.

10. Weather’s nice. Oh look, the sun’s up. I should tell him I want to go on the track and run.

11. Wait, am I supposed to give him an answer? Nothing’s wrong.

12. Nothing. I wish there could be more in my head but there isn’t.

13. The world is wrong, sweetheart. Now until you start asking me some intellectual questions, I won’t speak.

14. I’ve consumed 900 calories today. Darn. No burger for dinner.

15. Is it going to rain? Is it? Is it?

16. What’s the name of the song that’s playing now? I remember it! I do! What is it, what is it, what is it…

17. Did I hear my boyfriend asking me ‘what’s wrong’ or am I just imagining things?

18. I want to go home and make hot chocolate and watch that new episode of Vampire Diaries.

19. What am I looking at?

20. Why did I agree to come? I obviously need to sleep right now, and nothing is entertaining here. Is there anything interesting outside?

21. Let’s make a wish. The moment I turn to look at you again, you will be Ryan Gosling.

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