Apostasy: the Bitter Faith

by Devina Gunawan

Religious faith is no fun game. It controls and separates, and two people hugging different faiths cannot share same values in life. Well, I am talking about those strong believers who have their faiths implemented into their every tick of time.

Apparently, apostasy proves that faith cannot tie people as strong as we think it can to what it worships.

Truthfully people can hold onto faith for assurance. What is life really about? Why do we live? What determines what is right or wrong? And most importantly, what is most beneficial for us? What is the easiest way to escape misery?

Heaven sounds very inviting, doesn’t it?

Personally I do not admire people who speak and think only of Heaven. Surely thinking of it gives us reassurance that we are saved and will reunite one day in our Father’s house, but most of us are driven to do what we think God wants for the sake of that award.

Anyone will run around giving gold to the world if Heaven is a constant reminder. If you think of Heaven every time you wake up and before you go to sleep, you will keep yourself straight in the path that you think God wants you to be in.

Heaven is an award. We see it as one.

So what do we really work for?

A God? Or do we work for our own selfish desires?

Oftentimes people who say, “Heaven will reward you,” get me ticked off a lot. Can we not think of award to do good deeds to others? Do we have to be that judgmental and turn what belongs to God into our own selfish goal?

Apostasy happens to some of the strongest faith huggers we know. If they fail, we probably think we will crumble even before the test arrives. Those senior believers set the high standards and should have remained unshaken. If they do, then how can we stand the test without bailing?

Those people choose to renounce their faiths to escape slow, painful death and return to their safe, faithless lives. So what is faith in our lives?

We hold on to faith to give our lives meanings and purposes, but we give it up when death challenges it.

We say faith is our life, but we choose to abandon it when it threatens us.

What we do to our faith is always what benefits us the most. When life is empty, we give faith a role to fill it in. When life is on cutting board, we let go of faith to save it. What pleases us the most, call it Heaven or freedom, will determine what faith really is to us.

So what is faith? Fairly speaking, to this world it serves no more than a tool one can delete.

We cannot tell who truly stand by their faiths or who use faith for personal gains.

Hypocrites can speak largely of faith. We live by faith, and faith is in everything.

Ironically, God asks for the largest share of our faith which is one of the most damaged and abandoned in today’s society.

Death scares the faith out of you.

But for those who keep their hearts close to God and remain faithfully by His side, without seeing Heaven as a goal and award perhaps can stand the opposing God torments. Those people who truly love God and not the Heaven and their faith in reaching it one day if they stay righteous will live.

Those who believe that to have faith in God is to know that He will give them what is best for them, not what they want or think to get; those who do not speak grandly of ‘faith’ but love God more than life; those who choose not to believe in finding happiness in Heaven but in God himself; They will be honored, not only by humans, but by Death as well.

So apostasy separates human from God.

I personally don’t think so.

Apostasy separates human from his fantasy of Heaven, for he never loves God to begin with. Sadly, not many people love God as much as we believe they do.

Faith of being saved just by saying that you believe in a man born son of God. Faith of going to Heaven due to all your wonderful gifts to the world. Faith of the great happiness and awards that you will receive when you reunite with God.


Apostasy separates people from those faiths. Those weak faiths supported only by love for oneself.

But faith in God. Love in God. The love that lets people stand the worst of pain because they cannot let go of it.

The willingness not to go through pain for Heaven, for that means that you love yourself too much to end your fate in Hell. But one when you think not of Heaven but of your Father, of how much He has loved you and how much you love Him.

That love. The one that makes you think of Heaven not as some place of everlasting joy but a reunion with God. Not as an award but an honor to finally be with the Father you love the most.

Apostasy can never take that away from a man who roots himself in it.

For as I have said, even Death will honor him.

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