Globalization: Internet dependency theory

by Devina Gunawan

The world was rotating and it was in my rushing hours when the Internet died. Godiva, my beloved laptop, stayed still. My books were opened up to my important pages and my papers were scattered around, covering my study table. The pages of maps and definitions, which revealed my trained calligraphy skills, colored my view. The tik tok sound that my clock made started to irritate me. I felt nudged on the bones and my mind started screaming aloud. This would be the deforestation of my brain rainforest.

My heart sank.

The only thing I wanted to do that time was to take my geography quiz.

My mind wandered.

Why did the teacher make the quiz an online thing? Saving papers was honorable, but expecting Internet connection to stay on the whole time was not understandable, at least for me that was how it felt.

The dorm room turned hot, without the air conditioning suddenly that winter stopped. It was as if I was transferred to a desert; outside and inside the dorm felt the same to my skin. The Texan sun tickled me through my glass windows and my body heated up.

I sighed.

Blackout on a Wednesday morning was the most convenient event during the week. It was perfect time for entertainment: some girls in the shower were screaming, some people were tripping in the hallways, and some doors were banged along with “OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!” calls.

My heartbeat took a pause. My stares turned blank. My hands grew cold.

“Great. The internet just died.”

The webpage stayed still. It never changed nor beeped. The light of the beautiful website pages dimmed, and in all sudden I missed those annoying pop-up viruses which indicated the advanced connection of globalized I-net.

I stared at Godiva’s screen.

I blinked.

Both the Internet and I were very still, and we were trapped in a deadly silence I grew to abominate. The room’s darkness caught my mood in black pit.

Slowly I rose up, picked my Roxy bag up, and collected my papers and my books. As I started throwing everything I believed I needed for my studies into the bag, my mind raced with the time, hoping that the light would somehow turn back on with my precious access to that geography quiz.

Then as my belongings were camping in my bright pink bag, the light went on. At that very moment, the sound of “yay!” was booming in the hallways. Those shower girls could finally finish shampooing their hair, thanks to the electricity.

Understand that we humans had become silly creatures that depended on our own creations excessively that we could not imagine life without them anymore.  Yet how could I complain? I was dying due to lack of access to Internet this morning. I was a pathetic creature. But who wouldn’t be? This was an important quiz!

To put this clearly, my teacher had indirectly turned me into a pathetic creature that depended on Internet connection. Would this be considered a negative aspect of globalization? Somehow whether it was or not, my cultural nationalism did not work on me at all. I fought for nothing.

If I could put it in the core-periphery model, I would be the periphery and Internet would be the core. In order for Internet to develop, I had to be dependent. Those IT geeks should rejoice by now.

My mind kept throwing some geography definitions out and went wild.

Then the reality finally hit me. Light was on.

So immediately I jumped into my study position again and went straight for the Internet. My excitement was rocketing up. How could it not? I was all hyped up to take my geography quiz. My cold fingers warmed up. My brain lightened up. Then in a speed of light I clicked, and clicked, and clicked with a huge smile on my face.

“Bring it on, geography!”

Yes, bring it on. Then my smile shifted into a frown.

My screen flashed with the two most detestable words in the history of my Wednesday morning.

“Network Unavailable” brought injustice upon my day, which had not been very long looking at the time.

Anger possessed me, and finally took control over my forced out mind.

Then I got up, closed Godiva, put her in the pink bag to camp with my books and papers, and marched to the door. As I walked out I decided to visit Starbucks to get my access to Internet. I knew that Starbucks would provide me some awesome Internet connection. A cup of coffee would worth an A. A cup of coffee would worth an Internet connection.

So in the end my needs for Internet connection sent me off to search for it. Therefore cultural imperialism won over me. I could not resist but fall dependent on Internet.

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