People you should ask to take your photos

by Devina Gunawan

When you’re going around the town and you feel like you have to capture the moment, find someone who will give you the ultimate photos. My dad is a photographer, and he is very picky when it comes to asking people to take photos of us. Some things I have learned growing up, as his daughter and model. These are people who are worthy of holding your camera to take your pictures:

  1. Your girlfriend/boyfriend.

You look best when you’re in love. When you’re looking at someone you love or are infatuated with, you’re most radiant. The eyes never lie. They will have those pretty sparks and you will give the most beautiful smile. Perhaps because you know that your girlfriend/boyfriend finds you the best looking, and that they love your smile. So it’s not awkward, and even when you hate photos, for some reason that photo that your significant other takes is worth looking at.


  1. A pretty girl.

Make sure she’s got the fashionista diva thing going on. Make sure she’s also looking for someone to take her photos. That girl knows the best angle, the way to smile, the right setting, etc. The photo she takes won’t disappoint.


  1. An older person with an expensive camera around his/her neck

This person is the real deal. Whatever comes out will be postcard worthy. S/he is someone who’d been taking photos since even before you were born. This is the person who can see the beauty in everything. This is the person who has already got enough in the savings to buy those expensive Leica or Canon. So when you see this person, go get’em!


  1. A group of girls.

They will tell whoever’s holding your camera/phone which angle is the best. Which part to cut, which part to include, and they will be your personal cheerleader team for awhile. Imagine going with your boyfriend/girlfriend and hearing all of them go, “Awh, y’all are so cute!” when one of them is trying to take a really good photo or else someone else in that group will take over.


  1. Anyone hippie

Because they appreciate the nature and the beauty in everything. They will get whatever that looks spiritual on your camera. And if you happen to be in the screenshot, you will look enlightened and possibly much wiser. They send their prayers of beauty to you.


  1. A guy who is taking photos of people or a girl

Chances are he’s the guy in the group that everyone drags along to take their photos. Chances are, he’s been trained to take good photos of his girlfriend. Get him. He knows how to please the crowd, and he will try his best to not disappoint you.


  1. A little kid

Not that the kid can take the best photos or anything, but it’s super adorable seeing a little kid trying to figure out how to take photos. The photos might end up looking horrible or just plain off, but it’s a really good feeling when they turn out looking amazing. (That kid got talents!) It’s like a gamble, really.

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