When Judgment Fails You

by Devina Gunawan

There are some people out there who will kill you slowly. There are people out there who will be the closest souls to you just so that they can suck the life out of you.

They are everywhere. Like virus.

And you can never run away from them.

You buy their charms. They buy your friendship.

You feel obligated to be friends with them. They feed you with lies and mad persuasion to stay by their side.

It is not an easy way out if you want an out. There is no nice way to break someone’s heart or to end a relationship.

And you know you’re doomed when you come home crying from mean things they say. And you know you don’t fight back because you think they have no idea they’re hurting you.

Well maybe you’re right.

But what if you’re wrong?

Perhaps you need to sit down with them and talk things through. Give it a week or two, until they realize that your relationship is no longer something they can use against you. Give it time until they realize that you no longer hold onto the relationship like you do with life. Give it nothing until they realize they cannot manipulate you anymore.

Then you give them a call and talk to them.

Tell them what has gone wrong. What they have done wrong. What you have found wrong.

Don’t give anything away. Don’t let them turn the table around. Don’t give them a single chance to point their fingers at you and tell you that you’re wrong.

Stand strong.

You’ve spent enough time building up the fortress, and you won’t let anyone take it down. Again.

So end it nicely. If they start crying, let them. They will have to, eventually. They have lost a toy, and you have gained your freedom back.

Don’t feel bad for them. Feel bad for yourself. You have wasted so much time with people who never deserve it.

So learn the lesson. And move on.

And next time, look around for better companions. Don’t just make friends with the first people you see who seem nice.

Do not judge a book by its cover.

Do not let a fake friendship fool you.

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