Summer Hair

by Devina Gunawan

Summer is the time to put that long hair into a bun or a long, sleek ponytail!

Get yourself some bobby pins, some pretty hair pins, and a lot of hairbands. It is really fun to play with your hair and you will be amazed by how crazy these experiments can get. Besides, it is always fun to play with your hair when headbands and a lazy hairband get boring.
Here are some styles that you should definitely go for when the sun is blazing and heating up your heads!
1. A ballerina bun.
Bunheads are elegant. It is very simple, just make sure that your hair is combed straight and pulled up all the way up, so that it won’t be sticking out here and there. Get a ribbon to accompany that bun on the back of your head! And there is your delicate bun.
2. Braids.
Braids are magical. They are safe if you can’t make the tidiest braids in the world, and everyone loves them. All you need is a strong hairband for those of you girls who have thick hair. You can do an easy one braid, you can make a headband braid that goes around your head, you can do two braids, you can do anything!
3. Braids and a bun.
If a bun is elegant and braids are magical, together they are magic and elegance. When you put your hair in a braid before twisting it into a bun, it is as if you create a flower on your head. It’s one of the simplest, prettiest accessory you can make-your-own.
4. Pony tails.
Pony tails are fun. You can put it on any side, you can slip in some tiny braids to make it prettier, you can even braid the tail. You can put pretty hair clips around, you can do whatever and it feels light and free.
5. A messy bun and a flower pin.
A huge flower pin on a messy bun make a wonderful combination. It might take awhile to do, but it looks magnificent if you are wearing a sundress. When you do this, you have a beautiful flower arrangement as a crown.
6. A haircut.
In the end, if none of these works for you dearies, the best way to deal with the summer heat and long hair is to get a haircut. It lifts the weight off your shoulders instantly. You feel lighter, and no more sweats sticking on your hair until it grows out again.

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