The Undying Love of Beauty Trends

by Devina Gunawan

I live in a big city. Everyone is walking her own fashion show, in super high heels and beautiful designer dresses. Makeup and hair, perfect and everything.

And I live in this chaos.

It should have been a red flag, the moment I spotted a salon specialized in eyebrows, located in one of the biggest malls. It should have been a red flag when I walked into that mall in my pjamas and people had raised perfectly trimmed or tattooed eyebrows.

But when will this trend stop?

When will the trend of having the eyebrows everyone else is having stop?

When will the high heels trend stop?

When will the smokey eyes trend end?

When will wearing the outfits that everyone else is wearing stop being a thing?

When will just being yourself make a comeback? When will everyone stop fighting the endless battle of “Who is the fairest one of all” and just take the burden off her chest for once? When will everyone breathe and enjoy her own beauty without comparing?

When will we feel beautiful? Without having to hide behind thick eyelashes, tattooed eyebrows, and expensive outfits?

And you know the list could stretch longer if I wanted to.

By the end of the days, people will stop seeing you in the crowd. You will be just another woman. Just another one of the army of similar looking women. The Barbie army.

And if that is what you want, sure, go for it. But I sure hope that this trend will come to an end.

It is exhausting to have to look at a person more than twice just to make sure that it is indeed the person I am looking for.

I may be ugly, but I am happy that google earth won’t mistake me for someone else.

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