The Five Golden Rules

by Devina Gunawan

  1. Who knew that 10 minutes of exercise in a day could keep you beautiful? That’s right! Stretch, do push ups, sit ups, or anything that will make you sweat for ten minutes in a day will do you some magic! Result? Beautiful skin, good lifestyle, and healthier you! And research has shown that daily exercise triggers some mutation in your genes. That’s right, mutation. I am talking Xmen.
  2. Water, water, water: Don’t forget to drink enough water in a day! And before you exercise, get some cold water! Water helps your metabolism and you won’t be hungry all the time if you drink enough water.
  3. Never starve yourself! Eat your meals! Be it 3 times a day or 5, don’t skip your meals. It is important to be consistent so that your metabolic rate is stable. Control your portion, do not overeat, and never starve. NEVER. Besides, empty stomach will make you beautiful girls grumpy. Now who wants that?
  4. Bond with your pillows and bed! Good sleep is very much important to your health and a plus to your diet. Get quality sleep, in enough hours of course, and try to not go to bed after midnight! Good sleeping pattern will help you in weight loss if you’re trying to shed some pounds! And not just that, for many girls, good sleep prevents them from getting zits! So skin and shape, dearies, skin and shape by sleep.
  5. Smile, smile, smile, and smile. Do you know that people who smile more glow more? Those people who smile more radiate their beauty, because your smile is your beauty maximized. This is why you might miss that true love if you do not smile.

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