My Movies, My Motivation

by Devina Gunawan

Movies are the best source of inspiration. We usually walk out of a movie theatre feeling inspired, motivated, and well, enchanted. It could be Cinderella all over again for me. And I hate to admit that well, movies do give me a lot of things to think about. So this is a list of my favorite movies of all time and the things I learn (or sometimes question) from them:

1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


I know, I am such a classic, Bollywood lover. But I grew up watching Bollywood. And well, I love the idea of great love. The kind of love that Carrie Bradshaw talked about in the last Sex and the City episode. This is it. The love that forms from a friendship. The love that doesn’t need words. But it is everything. Raj flew all the way to India to find Simran. He risked a lot, because well to be fair, he had no clear confirmation that Simran loved him too. He followed his heart, and he ended up taking his bride home. This love, this fairytale is sick, and I don’t even know how many times I have seen this movie.

Here’s a thought: love conquers all.

2. the Help

"THE HELP" 946_D_08558R In Jackson, Mississippi in 1963, (left to right) Skeeter Phelan (Emma Stone), Minnie Jackson (Octavia Spencer) and Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) together take a risk that could have profound consequences for them all in DreamWorks Pictures' drama, "The Help", based on the New York Times best-selling novel by Kathryn Stockett. Ph: Dale Robinette ©DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

I love the Help. Firstly, I love Emma Stone. But more importantly, I love how the movie is a revolution. It shows the world how changes can start from a small movement, or a very persistent writer who fights for human rights. Women unite and fight for a better world. And they succeed, they bring changes upon the society and open the eyes of many people. This is the movie that reminds us that a fight, no matter how small, will change something. It will at least touch someone.

So go out and make a change. Fight for something you truly believe in.

3. Star Trek: Into the Darkness


Do not judge me. I am Spock. And may you live long and prosper.

This Star Trek gave me a lot to think about. Well, more of Spock’s perspectives. There are people who do not grow up exposed to emotions and feelings, thus are unable to express them the way most people do. And this is for a lot of people who are misunderstood. You must feel Spock so well. That you just did not grow up with the luxury of being able to expressing your anger, sadness, love, etc. There are people who choose to not drown themselves in deep, heart wrenching emotions. And that does not mean they do not love or care about you.

Let the quiet be quiet. Accept that some people are different. And just because you know someone well, does not mean you know what is truly in his or her heart.

4. Cinderella


I know, I know, this movie is too much. But hey, “Be kind and have courage” truly works some magic in everyday life. If only we believe in magic the way Ella does, perhaps our life would be much more beautiful. And you know, because of this movie, I started believing in magic again. A bit stupid, yes, for why would one believe in a movie when it comes to life issues?

But believe in magic. Don’t ever stop believing. Someday it will surprise you.

5. The Last Holiday


Queen Latifah is a stunner. Simply a stunner, and I love her. And I love the story of this movie. Georgia was just a shy, kind hearted woman who worked too hard and enjoyed too little. She loved giving to others and kept her dreams to herself in a possibility book. But the moment she thought she only had few weeks to live, she immediately changed the route. She flew on a business class to Czech Republic and stayed in the most expensive suite at Grandhotel Pupp de Luxe. She started living. To live the life she’d always dreamed of yet never got the chance to live.

Live like there is no tomorrow. Kal ho naa ho. Live your life to the fullest.

And these movies actually just remind you of what you already have within you. Just embrace them fully. And the best part is that, if you forget sometimes, you can always just rewatch them.

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