Feminism 102- “HER VOICE”

By Daniella Djiogan 

She’s a fifteen year old girl married to a fifty year old rich man

She lives in a village in the depths of Africa

At the age of sixteen, she was the stepmother of twenty children

She’s never dated; she doesn’t even know what it means

She respects her husband to the point that she can’t look into his eyes

Her parents couldn’t afford to raise her, so she was “married off”

Her brothers were privileged enough to go to school, but she wasn’t lucky enough to be born a boy

She waits for the men in her family to eat before she does

She does all the household chores without any complains

She sells food in the streets & markets just to support her children’s education

She has no hope of being independent

She has no voice

She’s trapped in her own household

She never knew love

Her chances of being kidnap are quite high

In the past, she risked been raped by a stranger who offered her a ride

Her face was almost damage by acid because an admirer who couldn’t take a “No”

She’s abused daily by her husband who sees her as an object

After school, she walks long distances, carrying a basket of fruits to sell in order to secretly afford her own education

She has to hide her face because culture dictates it

Her only duty is to please her husband and give birth to her sons and daughters

Due to political unrest, she has no hope of a better future.

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