My Abusive Love

By Daniella Djiogan

 I am an abused wife

I am beat up almost every day

I cry day-in day-out

My body can’t take it anymore

But I tolerate it because I know he loves me.

After all he wouldn’t beat me if he didn’t care

I am so in love with him

So, why do you care?

Who are you to criticize me or my tradition?

I think it’s great that he throws punches at me

Even though it hurts, I endure it for the sake of my family.

According to tradition, a man that beats his wife is a hero

……..because that means he can eventually protect his family

Therefore, the harder the slaps, the more secure I feel.

I am happy, I love my culture, I love my husband

So, why do you feel bad for me?

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