The Truth about a Black Woman’s Hair

By Daniella Djiogan

A black woman’s hair is a mystery. I say it’s one because most people don’t really know much about the true nature of a black woman’s hair. Why is it so? Because it’s so different from the standard silky straight/curly hair which all other races seem to possess except us, black women.

When you see celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyoncé, etc. Have you ever wondered about their natural hair? Because whatever hair you see on them is not actually theirs. Yes, it’s fake, but it looks great on them.

There is nothing wrong with fake hair. After all, I believe if you bought it, then it’s yours.

So, what exactly is the true nature of a black woman’s hair? The answer is Afro (broadly speaking).

We, black women are not born with straight hair, but coily, kinky, and curly strands of hair which makes up an afro. Our hair is so curly and thick that it puffs rather than sleeps. If you’re thinking about the 70’s disco look, then close enough but not there entirely.

All black women have different hairstyles…Of course (it’s not like we’re homogenous). There are essentially FIVE ways a black woman can choose to style her hair. All black women fall in one of these FIVE categories. Natural, Relaxed, Braids, Bald, and Wigs.

  • Team NATURAL: Women that wear their natural styles are usually very secured and confident in their hair. They know they look good without the extra headaches. They basically wake up in the morning, comb it, and they’re good to go (it’s not as easy as it sounds but you get the point).

download               images (5)

  • Team RELAXER: This is basically me. I love relaxing my hair because I like the way I look when my hair is relaxed. For those who don’t know, relaxing your hair means applying a product (a relaxer) to your hair to make it look straight and silky. It’s definitely easy to handle, but the catch is…. you have to apply it monthly, it’s costly, and the relaxer can sometimes burn your hair & scalps

.images (13)  download (12)       download (14)

  • Team BRAIDS: Braids are a form of hairstyle that requires twisting/interlacing strands of hair. Depending on the type of braid and the thickness or thinness of it, a complete braided head can take up from 2hours to 1 day (24HOURS). On average, it takes about 8hours….Yea still long (but that’s the cost of beauty).
    • The particular hairstyle can last up to 8weeks….though it depends on how you maintain it.

images (7)  download (10)  download (9)  download (11)

  • Team BALD: Due to the complex nature of a black woman’s hair, some choose to go bald. THAT, I call BRAVE! It’s hard to pull such a look. Though some women MAKE IT WORK…Amber Rose, Solange, etc. If I was that confident, I will shave my hair off. It’s definitely worth it. After all, it’s easier to maintain.

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  • Team WIGS: The love of most black women=WIGS. Wigs are like hair hats. You literally wear it, go out, come back….take it off. That’s awesome, but the only problem is…it’s risky. Why? Because if the wind is too strong or if something happens, the wig is off your head. That will be embarrassing.
    • That’s probably why I can never do wigs…the possibilities of it falling off are too frightening.

download (16)  images (16) images (17)

So, there you have it. This is a brief little something about a black woman’s hair. I know it’s sometimes difficult to fully explain why some of us don’t wear our natural hair, but I guess everyone has a different reason. But for the most part, we do what makes us beautiful and confident…so don’t judge or criticize. Everyone view themselves differently!

If you have further questions on a black woman’s hair, Google or YouTube it. Don’t walk up to a lady and ask awkward questions/touch her hair. That’s just uncomfortable and weird. Do your research!


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