Clubbing to Concussion (Be Careful of Club Fights!)

By Daniella Djiogan 

I nearly lost my life last week. You know… clubbing, fight broke out, and I was the unfortunate person that got hit on the head with a bottle. I was a little drunk so I didn’t feel it then. I only knew something had hit my head because my friends told me about it. But apart from that, I couldn’t feel the pain.

I thought everything was ok, till one of my friends commented on my condition, saying “What if you have a concussion? or possibly internal bleeding…. because if that is the case, you aren’t allowed to sleep because you can possibly die.”

When I heard her, I freaked out and remembered my dear friend that had passed away.  My thoughts started to go wild….what if I was meant to die this way as well? Will it be painful? Was it painful when he passed? I personally didn’t feel sore but I felt drowsy and a little nauseated. I thought at least if it was my time, I wouldn’t feel pain. I will pass peacefully. Afterall, I wouldn’t want to die a painful death such as drowning, burning, etc.

I blame all these paranoid thoughts on my damn roommate (by the way, the best roomie I have ever had) who brought up the topic of “Final destination” in our conversation earlier that day. The whole movie revolved around the main idea that dead will eventually creep up on you whether you escape it the first or second time. So, I thought to myself, what about the countless times I had crossed the streets of China and barely escaped the accelerating cars? Did I escape death then? Was it after me now? Hope Not!

Anyways, after a sleepless night full of such terrifying thoughts, I went to the hospital to get a CT Scan. After careful examination by the doctor, he said all was fine. Though, I still wasn’t feeling well, I was relieved. I held that CT scan at the hospital and reflected….What’s life? Sometimes you need such near death experience to make you appreciate life, and realize that the vanities in life aren’t worth it. My precious phones, clothes, money (which I barely have) were not worth the price of a second chance.

Lesson Learnt:

Do Not sleep after such an incidence…internal bleeding is dangerous

Go to a hospital and get that CT scan… don’t try to save money by not going

Watch out who’s behind you at the club…they might hit your head

Run far away when a fight starts!


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