Masculism 101- “A True Gentleman”

By Daniella Djiogan

1.   Offer your sit to the lady standing.

2.   Help that old lady cross the street.

3.   Be kind towards your mother… not to the point of becoming too much of a mama’s boy.

4.   Respect your elders.

5.   Don’t fight with fist but rather with words.

6.   Dress to impress.

7.   Be smart…especially street smart.

8.   Don’t curse aimlessly.

9.   Cover up that tattoo for an important event.

10.  Get rid of that earring for an interview.

11.  Open the door for her… that’s gentlemanly behavior.

12.  Those cheesy pickup lines gotta go…it’s awful.

13.  Don’t be an obvious Otaku fan…hehe!

14.  Do NOT sag…major turnoff!

15.  Don’t bully others…that’s not cool.

16.  Don’t cheat…Really…DON’T!!!

17.  Advocate for equality of all.

18.  You can stay fast to your beliefs but be open to suggestions… (Be understanding)

19.  Be a good guy…but not excessively or else you will be trampled on.

20.  Masculism doesn’t mean you have to look a certain way…you can be masculine regardless of your shape, size, looks, sexual orientation, etc.

21.  Be chill, don’t overreact to everything.

22.  Don’t talk trash about women or anyone…again that’s not cool.

23.  Treat her like a queen not a pass time.

24.  If you have a child…asking a mere “how was your day?” can go a long way.

25.  Pay for the first date…equality comes after a few dates…lol.

26.  Be responsible for your actions.

27.  Be a guys’ guy and a girls’ guy.

28.  You don’t necessarily have to be the breadwinner…and that’s ok.

29.  Get rid of that useless ego in times of need….but don’t become totally egoless ( Have some pride).

30.  Be confident in yourself cause that’s sexier than your looks.

31.  Don’t degrade women…after all behind every great man is a woman.

32.  If you follow all these steps, you probably wouldn’t be a masculist, but you will be the ideal guy…. =^.^=

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