Do Bullies Realize the Impact of their Traumatic Doings?

By Daniella Djiogan

Bullying is a product of a bully’s insecurity

It evolves around their ignorance and your vulnerability

So, why do bullies oppress the weak, poor, different… and the list go on…and on..and on

Why do they decide to tyrannize others?

Do they gain strength from your fear?

I don’t understand a bully’s mindset

But I do know how it feels to have your life turned into one of terror

It’s not a proud past, but one which can’t escape my thought

Good memories seem to last, but bad ones seem to be remembered more frequently.

 By the way, do bullies realize the impact of their traumatic doings?

I highly doubt it, or else they wouldn’t do it

What if their beloved child/relative/friend gets bullied…I bet they wouldn’t appreciate it

So, if you are a bully, and you know it, I urge you to see others as yourself…sympathize

or at least give others the respect they deserve

We were not born to be mistreated by you

So, don’t bother us….leave US alone!

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