Karma never misses

by Devina Gunawan

My sophomore year of high school was hell. As Daniella has written previously about bullies, I was bullied and unhappy.

Being the new kid nobody wanted to hang out with, I already had enough on my plate. Then there was a girl who was supposedly my only hope of a companion who turned out to be a miss popular who wanted nothing to do with me.

Well, partly that wasn’t true. Because she made my first semester at the new, scary school a living hell.

I remember going home to my room, crying. It was horrible. But I thought, it’s okay, it will all come to pass.

And it did.

But I think karma remembered.

In senior year, I was all over the place. Student government, track and field, math club, everything. I was the girl who for sure knew where she wanted to go and how to get in there. Texas A&M, I meant.

And there were those who tried hard to fill out their resume with positions in clubs and sports activities. Luckily, being on the top of the hierarchy, I got to interview and decide who would lead which club and who would do what.

And one fine day, the girl who had given me a taste of hell showed up for an interview. She wanted to be the head of a club, and I happened to be the one in charge of the interview that day.

The moment she saw my face she turned pale. And to be honest I was not sure how I looked like. I was confused, first and foremost, and amused.

I thought, damn, this will be tough.

And she answered every question beautifully. She was ready for them. This position was her golden ticket to her dream university admission. But I could tell she was shaking. She was a nerve wreck. And I still question to this day if that was because she had been facing me.

Then one question on my list caught her off guard. I was reading the questions without looking at them before, and the question itself came out as a shock to me.

“Our school prioritizes the students’ well being. And there have been many cases of bullying around. How will you, as one of the student leaders, treat a new student to make him or her feel at home?”

I froze. She froze. I wished I could have taken the question back. But it was already done.

In every interview, there would be a student government leader and a teacher, and if only there had not been a supervising teacher on my side…

That question caught her. She stumbled all over, and failed to even form a complete sentence. Afterwards, things just went horribly wrong for her.

I felt horrible. I wanted to go up to her and tell her it was alright. That it was okay. But a part of me knew that this was supposed to happen. This was meant to be.

And apparently, this happens to a lot of people.

A very good friend of mine was bullied as well. She was bullied by several mean girls and she was having the worst time.

Now though, she has become a lecturer at an art college, having graduated early from her masters degree. Few weeks back, she ran into a girl who is enrolled in her upcoming courses. And that girl was one of the bullies from high school.

Even better, the girl was not the only bully who was enrolled for the upcoming course. Another bully from the past is going to attend her classes and call her, “Professor.”

In a way, I can almost see karma smiling from ear to ear, saying, “In your face.”

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