I was Retained Against my Will

By Daniella Djiogan

I was retained against my will

I was forced out of my home

Dragged and bitten out like a dog

I cried, not because it did hurt,

But because I was being taken

Taken away from my life

A life I once loved and sometimes hated

Petit hate which was now missed dearly

I missed that annoying lil bro whom I hated

I missed his frustrating laughter

I missed my parent’s non-stop scolding

I missed it; I truly missed those familiar days.

Now, the days are dark, filled with men with no souls

Men who claim will make good husbands and fathers

Will they amend their ways for me and her

How to live without fear?

How to live life knowing life is no more

I am not dead like the others, but I live as dead

For those I cherish are no more.

Recalling the Boko Haram crisis and other kidnapping cases

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