Going Color Blind

by Devina Gunawan

I appreciate women’s beauty. Every woman.
Call it the nature of being a visual artist, I do think that every woman is beautiful.

Unfortunately, lately I have been seeing less and less colors in women walking by.

Women have been busy coloring their faces and putting on colorful outfits that make them look like the celebrities they adore.

And in that, I see less and less of their true colors.

Isn’t it ironic that the more colorfully uniform, the less of real colors I see in them?

Women are most beautiful when they embrace their naked beauty without trying to cover up so much.

I do not understand why they believe that covering up themselves in flying colors, copying a certain celebrity, makes them more beautiful.

Because to me it just makes them an army of similar looking women.

But I guess it is safe. It is the safest way to know that you are attractive: to look like the most attractive woman in the world. To copy her makeup, her outfit choices, her hair, and who knows what else.

It’s such tragedy. To cover up real beauty with a pretty cape everyone else is wearing. To hide one’s real beauty with a mask.

And I guess I am color blind. Well, it would be nice to have my good eyes back.

And it would be nice for everyone to love herself the way she is, and to someday walk outside her door embracing her real beauty.

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