Jamberry Me! Beautiful nails everywhere

by Devina Gunawan

Featured image: Jamberry

Nails, anyone? A really good friend of mine has always been the best role model for manicure.

I remember her nails like I remember my sociology paper in sophomore year, with details and sparks of brilliance.

As an art hobbyist I would complain if I ran out of space on my canvases and papers. And I would find my happiness in henna and nail polish. Not temporary tattoo because I am not immune to pain. But beautiful art that you can repaint every now and then.

According to your mood, setting, party, anything.

And here comes the Jamberry. And it comes with the greatness that I have always admired on my friend Tara’s nails.

They are ridiculously beautiful.

And here’s a thing I love about art. You can find art wherever you go. And you are a masterpiece. Treat yourself as one. See yourself as one. And love yourself as one.

If the pictures below got you madly in love, then visit the website for more!






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