We Never Truly Know Others

By Daniella Djiogan

Do you know what’s on my mind?

How do you know I am not pretending?

How do you know if what I show you is the real me?

How do you know that I am not hiding something from you?

You claim you know me, but do you even know whether I love or hate you?

Are my actions that real, that believable?

Am I sincere towards you? Or am I just pretending in order to gain something?

What makes you think that I am good or bad?

 I hate it when you say: I know you (concerned)

You are better than this (kinda concerned)

What happened? (really concerned)

You changed (your past self was better)

 People like me don’t like your fake concerns

Even if it might be real, I don’t wanna hear it

Your advise seem more like commands to me

Don’t know why it’s that way though

Perhaps my anger took over me

I am just an extremely angry soul

What can I say, I am a hater

I hate, that’s what I do best

Perhaps that’s why I don’t want your goodie2shoe concerns

You advise me so that it makes you feel better

But I know that’s not you

For all you could care less about me

You only want to make me feel better so you can use me.

That’s wrong honey…that’s so wrong!

Cease to say you know me

Instead, try to understand me

But don’t claim my mind

I know myself better than you know me

And I will only show you what I need you to see.

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