Pretty Naturally

by Devina Gunawan

For those who know me, know for sure that I have no idea how to put on eyeliner. And perhaps they know as well that I developed a phobia for eyeliner when I was in high school. That being said, my knowledge of makeup is equivalent to my sister’s knowledge of comic books. Very close to nada.

And I try, trust me, to look okay most of the time. At least, to not look as if I just walk out of bed. And a lot of times, I look like that 50% of the time I go out. So sometimes I try to look ‘nice.’

Sadly, not knowing makeup becomes a disadvantage. How the hell am I supposed to cover up zits or eye bags? I don’t, I suppose. But was it hopeless? Not really.

Surprisingly, I get most compliment of “You are beautiful” on the days that I:

  1. Wear my favorite – what my family calls crazy – headband.
  2. Wear my favorite bohemian style dress
  3. Braid my hair
  4. Wear my beret
  5. Put on a dress that looks like an abstract piece and makes me look like a walking Picasso
  6. Put my hair up in a ballerina bun

It has nothing to do with makeup. Because I am pro #nomakeup and will remain so until they find solution to my extremely sensitive skin. Or, until I find a tutorial video that I can actually follow.

So the point is, you do not need to wear makeup to have people notice you. You just have to simply be comfortable and happy with the way you are.

Dress the way you want to. Be hippie. Or bohemian. Or nerdy. If it is your personality, go for it.

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