A Politician is like an Unfaithful Boyfriend….all liars

By Daniella Djiogan

A politician is like an unfaithful boyfriend….all liars

They are charismatic, polite, and  charming

They show so much affection towards you

And slowly but surely convince you to love them,

Their sweet talks enchant you

Their promises reassure you

And because of that, you begin to trust them

But all is a lie

For they will leave you after they get what they want

They will leave you for another

They will deny all the promises they made to you

And they will vanish from your life like a cured cold

However, they might come back….after a couple of years

To beg for your forgiveness, saying “I am a changed man”

And to try to sweet talk you in to making the same mistakes you once did.

Image Source: www.luvimages.com

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