What They Consider Enough

by Devina Gunawan

As a girl who grew up with boys, I have had enough of their talks and unrealistic expectations on women. I have learned the hard ways that the ways they view women are not what I had hoped. I have learned the hard ways that they will look at the packaging of an item before buying it. I have learned what they consider enough.

So here is a list of things I have learned from the guys growing up:

1. They like their women fit.

They do not want their women as thin as famous supermodels, but they want their women thin enough to look like they’re at least a size 4 with nice curves. And for those who are not petite, expect to have very pretty faces.

2. They want their women naturally beautiful.

They want the girls to not wear too much makeup but to already look beautiful without it. Several of them have claimed that they would ‘date’ girls who put on thick makeup or go under the knives, but not marry them. Apparently, marriage is reserved for girls who were born already beautiful.

3. They like tiny women with appetite.

My guy friends would complain about their girlfriends not eating enough, or worrying too much about their BMI. But they also expect their girlfriends to remain fit either by working out or by having superior metabolism.

4. They want women they can be proud of.

Some of my friends have had the moments of, “She’s not pretty enough for me” when it came to girls they were seeing. Apparently, guys are very much aware that people talk. A lot of my guy friends would actually blatantly state that they could do better. But of course, in the end, it’s not the looks that matter most.

5. They do not approach girls who are not attractive enough.

“To buy something, one has to see that it looks good.” Some guys actually say that one of the criteria to decide whether a girl is worthy of a relationship is by seeing how fit she is. “If she takes good care of her health, that means she takes good care of basically everything else.” So unless the girl is extremely amazing in bed or impressively charming, if she is not attractive enough, she won’t make it past few night stand or even get to courtship stage. Basically to get a guy to want to know more about you, you have to look enough first.

6. Dress conservative and you’re prude. Proudly wear your cleavage and you’re a slut.

Guys have this instant judgment that girls who are in skin tight dresses are only out for good times. However, they see girls in long skirts and cardigans and they flinch. Too much is scary, too little is not enough.

7. The thicker the makeup, the uglier.

My guy friends always told me, “Just be happy the way you are. Usually when I want to ask out a girl, I observe how much makeup she puts on. Usually, the thicker, the uglier the girl is. Because the more makeup, the more flaws she is trying to cover up.”

8. If she looks good angry, long term relationship is on the way.

Practice a frown or a pout. Apparently, if girls look pretty when they are angry, they are more appealing. Because ‘through happiness and sadness’ sounds a whole lot better when your partner looks good at all times.

So a lot of my friends actually have hard times looking for the right girlfriends because of all of the above. They want everything. Sometimes they bend the rules and go, “I can live with this.” However, to get to that stage, the girl will have to win his attention first: by looking ‘enough.’

And that would be a fit, naturally beautiful, fashionably dressed girl who is not afraid of calories and can be displayed to other guys as the ‘trophy girlfriend.’

Of course, people have their standards and ideas of beauty. I just wrote about what most of my guy friends have taught me growing up. And it is not all pretty, I know, but this is the majority.

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